Write and Paint: A Travel Journaling Workshop

An intriguing event combining traveling, writing and painting all at once. A solo traveler and a travel writer, Salli Sabarrang will be present to share her experience of how solo traveling can self-heal her to have calming mind and mental. A writing and painting session co-hosted by Waktoe Loeang, is another agenda to help participants having self-healing time hand-in-hand with the iniative to encourage them traveling more bringing along their handmade travel journal provided by Sore Sore, a handmade merchandiser based in Yogyakarta.

Sex and The Island Launching, Jakarta

The soft launching of Sex and The Island in Jakarta where the team introduces all things about the website and themselves. Afternoon coffee, sharing love stories and whatnots enthuse the participants to know more about SATI's vision and mission.