Jun, 25 2018

Break-up Rules #1 – Keeping Your Ex’s Stuff

Author Idelia Risella

In every relationship, I am sure, couples don’t hesitate to borrow each other’s stuff. Clothes are probably the most popular items being exchanged between lovers. Therefore, fashion industry found that famous ‘boyfriend’s clothes’ (jeans, shirt, etc.) as it is very common to see girls in their partner’s piece of cloth. The things you borrow could be something you really needed or just anything unique that reminds you of them every time you see it. The thing is, these items are not yours. It’s not like they gave them to you. Maybe deep inside (while you were still together) sharing things made you feel more attached to your partner.


Case: You found your Ex’s stuff at your place that you borrowed from. So, you…

Anyway, what happens to those “shared” items when your journey goes dull? Is it still going to be a sweet reminder of them or a trash on the corner of your room?

Some relationship advice would tell you to keep them where you can’t see them. Of course! Because seeing them all the time might increase the chance of being forever in love with your past. But is it wise to leave these things to waste? Especially when the stuff your borrowed is still good enough to use, new or expensive. This curiosity leads me to this very first Sex and the Island break-up rule. Here’s your answer: It’s almost hard to believe that people choose to keep their Ex’s stuff and even consider it as a gift.


Some of them don’t want these stuff wasted. Even so, they also don’t have any intention to meet the ex or to have any interaction with them whatsoever. Some other people are even more bitter when it comes to this question. Like this one for example. @yemimahasiani clicked “Consider it a gift” but on the second thought, she said “I would throw it away!”. I must say, this reaction is expected especially when the relationship ended badly.

Another one responded differently. Even more bitter I must say. @aldoaldriando said, “I’ll donate it~ to his new lover!” The way he said ‘donate’ got me laughing. Well, at least he is still standing tall and do not take fall on his break-up. Way to go!


So, what about you? Do you think putting to use of your ex’s stuff is your first break-up rule?

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