Jun, 25 2018

Break-up Rules #2 – Getting Back Together

Author Idelia Risella





Case: Is going back to your ex (even) an option?

It’s never a simple discussion when it comes to past relationship. Some people are very certain about leaving their history. Some other are staying in confusion about ghost of the past. Well, I can understand. I’ve been there, too. Anyone who’s experienced a break-up must know the feeling as well.
I guess various answers could be given to this particular (not so simple) question. “Are you willing to try again with your ex?” I must say, I wasn’t surprised when I checked out the number at the end of the day. From hundreds of participants, the result turned out to be 50/50.

I couldn’t have answered it better than @lucia_sondang. She said, “It always depends on the ex…” She thinks this is the kind of decision that can change depending on some things. Different person gives you different experience, right? So, now you think you don’t ever want to go back to your ex, but the next one might just be the one to change your mind. 

Some reasons that may be important to be listed down on reconsideration are so diverse. Some people believe that when he’s the right one, it’ll be forever. That’s not always the case for relationships. People do change over time and maybe somebody in your past —you were once in love with— will cross your path again.
But I can see why the other half chose not to go back their past. There are important reasons not to dig up history as well. Especially when it hurts you so much, mentally or physically. Hopefully that’s not the case with you. Just make sure you do what makes you happy, peeps.
So, what about you? Will you ever consider getting back together with your ex?


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