Jan, 13 2019

What Your Traveling Plan Says About Your Relationship?

Author Idelia Risella

Thinking about going away somewhere for holiday? [Of course] There’s always one dream vacation after another. I am sure you agree with me. Well good news! Love is in the air for traveling geeks out there! Here’s how I know. Couple weeks ago I was talking to some friends about vacation plans this 2nd semester in 2018. We were joking a lot about how my friend said, “I’ll just see how it goes after I buy the tickets...” Other friends started to tease him because he was having an open relationship and how it is very similar to how he plans his vacation. Interesting?


I am sure you would love to know what your traveling plan says about your relationship. Me and my friend had a great time discussing about this. If we get this right, let’s laugh together. Alright, wonder no more!


Alone with small backpack to a small island to enjoy the beach

To all solo travelers out there! Even though you enjoy short getaways, it doesn’t mean your relationship has to mirror that, you know? You [mostly] enjoy your experience dipping in the water. It’s challenging, fun and very beautiful. Sometimes you dive into the water and see how amazing and colorful. For a while you think of staying but eventually make up your mind to leave and move on to another beach.


With small group of friends to most happening place to party

You love an intimate relationship. It’s usually very passionate and exciting. But it’s never a real relationship without problems, right? Not for you, tho. You manage to make an understanding with whoever you’re with that being with other people is fine. Well, for you, open relationship keeps you and your partner even closer. You don’t have to deal with jealousy and indifference. It’s all about fun, babes.


Solo with a tour for some city heritage sightseeings

Are you sure you’ve moved on? Maybe from past lovers or from any expectation that has failed you in the past. You don’t seem to take it easy. Not everybody enjoy history. The art of looking back in time and study what has happened in the past. So, you rather to do it alone and get lost in the experience.


With the whole family for bonding time; wherever is fine

You know what they say about a family person… You love a very committed relationship. You want it so badly and you’ll make sure it works. You are in for the goods and the bads. You spend all your time and energy for your better half without hesitation. This is usually the relationship goal we don’t see on social media but know when we see one.


Tagging along selected people for serious mountain climbing

Having a relationship with a person like you it’s not an easy thing and you know that. Some character traits that you have really requires extra attention. Only certain people can keep up with that and you are well aware. Maybe that’s why you are quite picky about who you want to spend your life with. It’s not easy at first but once you find it, it’ll be one hell of a journey.


Alone [or not], one way ticket and no itinerary

Who knows what’s gonna happen in the future? We just have to start sometimes and see what happens next. You enjoy your time in the present with your partner without thinking of what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Some people might think this is childish for not having future plans. But it all seems to work out pretty well for you...for now.


So, what’s your vacation plan says about your relationship?


Illustration by @febiramdhan


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