Jan, 13 2019

7 Signs Your Relationship is Getting Serious

Author Aulia Meidiska

Some people are not that sensitive enough to acknowledge whether their relationship is moving forward or staying put. If this sounds like you maybe you should learn now what kind of signs show your relationship is getting serious. What for —you ask? To respond all unexpected circumstances with right moves, lovers.


Getting to know significant parties

Family, close friends, colleagues and other significant others to your partner are the part of getting serious. The time s/he introduces you to one or all of them, it starts to move to the next level, honey. It’s real. Otherwise, sorry to say maybe you are just in the stage of ‘vanilla’ dating. No more than that.


The word future is repeatedly implied

“I want us someday going to some places pretty, just you and I”. This may be a simple statement to say but this can be the very beginning of serious relationship. When you imagine something to happen in the future with your soulmate, you imagine the relationship lasts for a long time and hell if it is not for moving forward, what is?


No lock to his or her cellphone

Yup, yup. These days smartphone would be the key of everything. Affairs, lies, white lies. Everything. From this small sophisticated object your relationship can be ruined entirely. But if there is nothing to hide, so why not locking your phone from your other half, no? Privacy? I don’t think keeping secret from your special one can build a healthy relationship. It does not mean that your partner has the right to check your phone every minute (if s/he does that it leads to something bad and you should be careful). It means that you trust your couple, so does your partner. And trust symbolizes commitment for sure. Curve a smile for it when it happens, promise?


Less ‘I’ more ‘We’

Commitment is more about “us” and “we”. Not “me” or “I”. See, that the word “I” is always written in capital letter. Why? Because it intensifies the tendency to be dominant. You don’t want to put “I” too much in your adorable conversation, babes. It just shows how much you want the relationship for you, not for both of you. The time you and your partner lessen the “I” and stick with “we” more, it is the indication of something good right ahead.


Showing your true colors

Compromise is a token of a harmonious relationship. If you are at the state of bursting your true colors, the most annoying flaws you own even, and your partner compromises, that’s a total well-maintained situation, buddy. Everything is under control and yep it’s just not some temporary condition you both have. Congrats!


Having more quality time rather than meeting everyday

On our old days, we may have some boy or girlfriend who was clingy enough to ask for intimacy every single day. Or maybe you are the one who needed such thing. But seriously, was it going anywhere? Meeting your loved one, in this case, having certain romantic gestures in daily basis is not the sign of stepping to another level. It’s the sign of insecurity and codependency. And nothing good comes from that, I believe. Creating the time and space for quality bonding matters more.


Illustration by @febiramdhan


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