Jan, 12 2019

Toxic Relationship 101: Do You Recognize it?

Author Aulia Meidiska

Lately, I have been reading a lot of articles about toxic relationship. To shortly define it, toxic relationship is the phase where two people in a relationship starts to irritate each other constantly and regularly. The couple begins to feel uncomfortable every time they are together and internal problems always arise. The small one can turn into really big just like a snowball. Sometimes you don’t recognize it as you think it is normal to have fights in a relationship. Well, it is not if it actually affects your mental health, making you unconsciously depressed. So I talked to a friend that has experienced a toxic relationship and here are the signs:


Your partner starts to be super possessive

There is nothing good when it comes to be too much exclusive in anything. Possessivity is the first sign you are in a toxic relationship. Not allowing someone to do something s/he likes or even forbidding someone to meet his or her friends irrationally will not long for something pretty. It is not a part of growing together and of course it can disrupt one’s mental health. It blocks one’s ability to be free.


Showing passive-aggressive

A small gesture of passive-aggressive is to tell your partner sarcastic utterance every time s/he does something you don’t like. For example when your partner is going to meet his or her friends without you then you say, “Have fun with your super loud friends, don’t mind me I’m doing good alone at home with all the silence.” The time you do not express directly what you  don’t like about your partner, you are doing passive-aggressive. And yes, it will ruin your relationship for sure as one day everything will blow up in an excessively aggressive way.


Fighting over the same problem

Have you ever been fighting over the same problem all over again? Be careful, honey, as it may lead to something toxic. A problem with no solution is like cancer. It spreads further to the tiniest part of your organ. Sooner or later, it kills you if you don’t rushingly find the cure.


Embracing one-sided feeling

Ugh..this one for me is the most uncomfortable one. Feeling it is one-sided, no two-ways communication and just giving no accepting. Terrible. When does this happen? It is when you are the one who always compromises for everything. The time you two have problem, you are the one who will sacrifice. When your partner tells you not to meet your friends and instead be with him or her all the time and you force yourself to do it all the time, that’s the time your relationship is one-sided.


You or your partner tends to have mood swing

The last bit is the ultimate sign that you guys probably should be apart. Mood swing is the symptom of mental disorder in any kind of  “ship”: relationship, friendship, family, or workplace. It means that someone is not stable to overcome him/herself in a situation and keeps changing. Type on your search engine now: “Mood Swing”, then figure out what’s dangerous about it. Trust me nothing good comes from it.


Illustration by @febiramdhan


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