Aug, 12 2018

Dating Rules #5: First Date: Alcohol After Dinner?

Author Aulia Meidiska

The after effect of having alcohol may be dangerous if you can’t control yourself or become an addict, of course. You could lose your consciousness and do something you might regret it. I, personally, have the experience when I sipped 5 shots of tequila in a first date. Until now, I totally regretted it but I think because of that, Sex and The Island was initiated on my mind afterwards. If I have to pick an answer of this polling, I will vote ‘No way’. Why?


To cut into the chase, I had a date with a potential guy, he is really apt, charming and just broke up with his GF which made me a rebound girl (I know). After dinner, we went to a club and he offered me for shots. The first and second ones were okay. But he did not stop and ordered me more. One thing led to another, it did not end up in good terms. I was drunk and could not make a wise decision. If I remember this now, I feel so stupid to receive that hazardous liqueur. So yeah, it makes me prefer not to have alcohol on a first date.


When I created a polling about this, it came into my surprise that:


70% tap on ‘No Problem’

30% vouch for ‘No Way’


Kenny Kristiani, a housewife, is the sample from the voting majority. She thinks it is not going to be a problem to have a glass or two on a first date. The thing is when she has a date, she wants to be herself where no where to conceal anything. “I don’t need to be ashamed of me having alcohol that some people are afraid of the judgement. Drinking alcohol does not make me a bad person”, she reveals.


She never wants to create an awkward sphere when having a date with someone. She tries to as much as possible show her true colors. Not being the one who impresses a lot and refusing an alcohol beverage just to be considered as a nice girl. She knows her limit when drinking so she is never afraid to involve alcohol on a first date.


From the other side of the topic, Aryo Indarto, a proprietor of a coffee shop in Bali, personally believes that joining an alcohol session on a first is a definite no. “I think it is a bit early to be in a situation where your consciousness will be distracted. I want to enjoy the moment with a clear mind”, he explains. He also perceives that getting a girl to be tipsy would lead into a wrong idea. She would takes it as a sign to have another intimate session on the bed. An it is exactly what Aryo avoids.


“First date should be about friendly conversations, over coffee, a romantic lunch or even an outdoor picnic before committing to the next stage”, says he. In the past, there was a girl offered him to drink on a first date yet he rejected the offer. He stuck to the plan of having a harmless first date. That is the art of a first date.