Jan, 13 2019

What Your Favorite Color Says About What You Need in a Relationship

Author Michelle S. Koeswoyo

Every color has a story to tell with their own unique meanings and emotions. Based on the study of psychology, each color can also represent someone or something which means it can also convey a character of people towards certain things including relationship. Let’s see how your favorite colors say about what you look for a partner. Scroll down to find out whether I’m spot on or completely missed the mark!


The Steamy Red

You crave for a hot, steamy, and intense loving. You never wait for it, you demand it. Since you are a passionate lover, you will put your heart on the table, and it is only normal to expect your partner to do the same.


The Optimistic Orange

Those who like orange tend to be cheery and optimistic. You need a partner who can always keeps up with your bubbly personality. You dislike negativity and judgment. All around encouragement and optimism is the main key to your relationship.


The Intellectual Yellow

You seek for a partner that could challenge you, intellectually. You love learning something new every day. As a perfectionist that you are, you need someone that can help you plan a logical strategy to achieve your long-planned goals.


The Passionate Pink

As passionate as Red, but as pure as White, those who love pink aren’t always easy to crack open. You crave the fiery red excitement, but also the nurturing and soft touches of gentle loving. The point is, you need a healthy balance of hard and soft.


The Longing-for-Honesty Blue

All you need from your partner is honesty. You don’t need romantic dinners or the grand gestures. Just pure and simple honesty. Because to you, honesty means that they respect and they trust you, and that is enough to make you a happy partner.


The Need-to-Be-Appreciated Green

You need recognition. You need your partner to be proud of having you as their lover. You want them to show you off to his or her friends because you’ve always done this. Appreciation is a vital part of your relationship.


The Powerful Black

To face the world, you need someone who’s as confident as you are, and of course, with the same strong principles and values. You crave to be the power couple that you always dreamed to be.


The Stable Gray

You just want someone that you wouldn’t mind to hand the remote to or give the last piece of fried chicken skin. You wish for a very stable, practical relationship and a good strong shoulder to lean on.


The Craving-for-Inspiration Violet/Purple

In order to feel complete, you need the Yang to your Yin, the silver lining to your dark clouds. You want someone who not only can respect you, but also inspire you. I’m guessing that you like those butterflies in your stomach a little bit too much.


So, how’d I do?


Illustration by @maria_alethea

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