Jan, 13 2019

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Clothes Say About Your Type?

Author Idelia Risella

We all would like to believe that there shouldn’t be a thing called social class. We all have to accept each other based on the characters and not the way they look or how much money they have. But sadly, the more we deny it the bigger the gap gets between one class to the other. It’s not always about money, though. It can also be about hobbies, beliefs and also styles. A piece of clothes can identify from which group of people or class they are from.


Some of you might think I am small minded by saying that what people wear tells about their character, but they do. I know it and you know it. But, let’s stop thinking about how you look defines who you are. Truth is [the fun part] that what you love to wear actually defines the things you’re looking for in a partner or as we all call it, the type. So, check them out!


T-shirt or simple shirt

Both might has different purpose as t-shirt usually used for informal event and shirt vice versa. But it turns out, they actually represent pretty similar character. For those who like these clothes, you need someone who’s simple, fun yet protective. When you choose a t-shirt or a simple shirt you actually choose security. You make sure that things are right but simple enough so you don’t have to think too much on the look and focus on what’s going on around you.


Shorts (skirt or pants)

You’ve probably guessed that this piece of clothes represents playfulness. Sometimes a little bit naughty. They are both true but besides playful and naughty, sensitive and warm also add up on the list. By covering less you actually allow you and your partner to have more skin contact. So, you need someone who has the same perspective and sensitive enough to care about it.



What do you think about a girl in a dress? Yes, this piece of clothes represents sweetness and attention. Both are something you look for in your partner. It would be the best scenario to have someone whose life revolves around you. Especially, when he’s being all sweet by words and action at the same time.


Jumper or Overall

If you ever used one, you would understand even before I explained why. For all of you jumper lover, you need a sophisticated sometimes complicated and emotional partner to make you feel alive in a relationship. Those words don’t sound really bad to you because you can handle it. Anybody who loves jumper and overalls know how difficult it is to deal with this piece of clothes and yet, we love how it looks.



The blouse lover tends to stand tall and straight while wearing this classy piece of clothes. Therefore, they need somebody who equally loves the same feeling of being seen and adored. Maybe somebody with class and pride who walks into a room and immediately own it. You need to be impressed by your partner enough to make yourself also feel proud.



Oh, definitely playful in all kinds of way. You need to be with somebody who’s flexible and also strong at the same time. Not to mention how easy going he is wherever and whenever. You’re not afraid to take him anywhere because you know he would fit in right away. If you can find somebody who can share the same jeans with you, you’ve found the one.


If you neither of these types, you probably are a little bit of everything.


Illustration by @maria_alethea


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