Mar, 13 2019

Having Too Many Exes In Your Life Can Be a Problem, Why?

Author Aulia Meidiska

Some say every person in your life has to give you lessons especially those who used to be together building memories in your life. It is not necessary to discuss that your past always lets you learn to be something better. The past includes your exes who obviously get you into new perspectives in having a relationship. However, if you deal with too many people in your past it arguably can throw you to involve in some unfortunate situations. Why? Glad you ask!


Consideration of a player

Three exes might be fine. Five? Well, still okay. But more than 10 exes? potential partner would probably need to have a sedentary session, observing the risk of breakup s/he would have too. This leads to the perception of you as a player, a difficult person to be with or someone who can’t be alone. Of course, you have the chance to tell all the stories you have got, but you can’t control what is his or her mind, right?


Mispronouncing names

It’s true your brain has a million gigabytes but some people are just not good remembering and placing a name to the right person. Yup, it could happen darling. Having too many exes in your life can let you to a mispronouncing-name situation. And yes, it is possible to rise a problem with your recent partner. Ugh..


Mixed up memories

Remember the guy who doesn’t smoke? Yeah, he is not the one who is allergic to dogs. Truth is when you have a relationship with someone, you have to remember what s/he likes, his or her personality to know and understand his or her well. Having too many exes then needs you to delete all past memories in case of mixing up all memories together and addressing it to the wrong person. Impossible? Definitely! You can’t avoid the flash of your ex sleeping on your bed in your head or the time one of them told the same joke as your recent partner. Just be careful not to have brain damage.


Slipping the past into conversation

This point is an absolute trigger in your recent relationship. After embracing the mixed-up memories you can reveal it unconsciously as you misplace the moment and think it is the same guy doing the same thing. Or even worse, you slip your past experience with one of your exes in the middle of the conversation with your new one.


Creating inevitably comparison

This mostly happens when you are on a fight with your recent partner. You hate him or her for things your exes never did. Then you start to compare them and begin to list the pros and cons. Later, bringing all emotional thoughts to the discussion it is possible that you will uncover the list and say, “You are not like my ex who bla bla bla bla…”. When this happens, try to bite your tongue as much as possible, promise?


Illustration by @febiramdhan

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